Sound Decoders Making The Experience As Realistic As Possible

If you already have the love for this fine hobby, try and take time out next weekend to do this. Or perhaps it works better when you do this observation exercise at the busiest time of the day. What you will be doing is placing yourself somewhere comfortably at your nearby train station. You won’t be catching the train of course, but what you will be doing is this. You will be listening out for all the familiar sounds of the typically busy train station.

dcc sound decoders

You will be listening out for the rush of the next oncoming tube. Will it be slowly grinding to a halt or will it be whooshing past. Will it be all stations or is this the express line, seeing that it is the rush hour? It is out of your hands for now, but back at the ranch, at the controls of your DCC command station, it is all systems go. You are the station master and you get to decide which trains get to come and go, or stop at all stations.

If your table is big enough, you could accommodate this real life experience. Returning to the sound aspect of an everyday experience, it is not just the familiar sounds that every passing train makes that you will be encountering. You will be experiencing the ongoing drone of the announcements system and the collective sighs of hundreds of passengers all waiting patiently for their train. Imagine that?

Imagine being able to hear all of that at the touch of a button. You can. With dcc sound decoders you certainly can. This may ‘only’ be a model train station, but it certainly does replicate all the familiar sounds that a real, live station makes.

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