Lab Management Characterizations

Complete lab solutions, contracts with convenience, a simplified business approach and latest technologies are some of the characteristic features of the lab management business. Foremost is the drive to create what will come to be known as a CLIA / COLA compliant laboratory management system. The process of achieving this outcome is driven by an initial application, the selection of laboratory equipment, its installation and one final inspection.

Straight forward contracts are given to all new clients. The simplified or easy to utilize and understand contract includes laboratory directors’ fees. Necessary onsite travel expenses and instrument validation fees are included. And a flat rate fee has always been considered to be more fair and reassuring in terms of just how much services and its products and processes affect pricing and purchasing.

A variety of laboratory information systems are being used in order to provide clients with best practices and the most appropriate system possible. Point of care testing devices have been put together to help improve the efficient running of a laboratory. This will include kit testing and testing that has been waived by the CLIA. All the latest technological appurtenances and processes are being provided.

laboratory management system

The extremely simplified business approach covers the full installation of the laboratory. It also takes care of oversight mechanisms, usual inspections and full accreditations. Multiple contracts have been entered into with companies providing industries with their instruments. This is made possible by quite a large staff compliment that is highly experienced, always able and available to offer support whenever it is needed.

Guidance is being provided on a smooth and quick laboratory setup process. While there certainly can be no handholding in this day and age, the lab testing, provision and installation consultants are on board with their customers every step of the process.