So much for writing more often. This girl started walking at ten months, and somewhere along the way, decided that sitting down is for the birds. She has no interest in doing anything that requires pausing for more than 30 seconds, unless she's eating. Her appetite so far (fingers crossed) has been a godsend.
But you guys, she doesn't stop moving EVER. So with work and chasing after Stella and all the other things we have to do in the span of a day, something had to give, and unfortunately, it was this happy space right here.
I'll try to come back from time to time (not that anyone will be waiting for me at this point) but I'm going to stop making myself feel guilty about it, because, well, it's so easy to make yourself feel guilty about a million other things (the massive bump on her forehead from slamming her head into the coffee table last night, etc.).
In the meantime, I'll share some photos from her first birthday party a few months ago. She's now 15 months! I know. But. It's never too late to see pics of a feisty little cherub in a yellow dress, is it?


  1. she is adorable! 15 months already? time flies.

  2. OMG happy belated birhtday! Such a cutie pie! Love the pictures.

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